Enriched Air Nitrox Course (Dry)

SGD 79
  • Hands-on Practical Included
  • Real Oxygen Analyzer used for Analysis
  • Actual Nitrox Gas used for Analysis



SSI Enriched Air Nitrox Course Materials and Certification Fees

1 Theory Session with hands-on Practical Application using actual Nitrox gas

Exam & Exam Review


Please note that you have to get clearance from a physician if you answer YES to any statement(s) on the medical questionnaire.

The medical questionnaire can be downloaded below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Pre-Requisites To Take Up The Nitrox Course?


1. You must be a certified scuba diver from a recognised scuba diving agency.

2. You must pass a medical questionnaire. A certified physician must determine that you are fit for scuba diving if you fail to meet any of the medical requirements.

Will I Get To Practice On Actual Nitrox Gas?


You will have hands-on experience analyzing a cylinder with actual Nitrox gas.

However as this is a dry course, you will NOT get to dive with Nitrox.

How Long Will The Course Take?


The Nitrox Course will typically take about 3 hours, including the exam and exam review.

Our Nitrox classes are held on Thursdays from 7 PM to 10 PM.